Kalachuchi Frangipani 10pc Cuttings


Product Name: Frangipani Cuttings
Common Name: Frangipani
Scientific Name: Plumeria Alba
Uses: Perfumery Crop
10 pcs of Matured Stem Cuttings for 1,500 pesos only plus shipping with nationwide delivery using slim kilo box of LBC. Send your p500 downpayment to process your order. Delivery leadtime is 5 to 7days.

One of the biggest scent trends of the season has an exotic character. It’s called frangipani flower also known as Kalachuchi (Plumeria Alba). The oil distilled from the flower has been used by perfumers since the 16th century.



Kalachuchi or White Frangipani is well-known for its intensely fragrant, lovely, spiral-shaped blooms which appear at branch
tips June through November. The tree itself is rather unusual in appearance; the 20-inch-long, coarse, deciduous leaves clustered only at the tips of the rough, blunt, sausage-like, thick, grey-green branches.
Branches are upright and rather crowded on the trunk forming a vase or umbrella shape with age. They are rather soft and brittle and can break but are usually sturdy unless they are mechanically hit or disturbed. A milky sap is exuded from the branches when they are bruised or punctured.