Hedychium Coronarium – Kamia Rhizomes 12pc Pack


Butterfly ginger (Hedychium coronarium), also known as Kamia in the Philippines, is a perennial usually grown as an ornamental. It displays delicate, white, lily-like flowers that bloom in the summer and fall and emit a light, sweet fragrance. Butterfly ginger, also has edible flowers and tubers. The tubers have a white flesh and spicy flavor and both tubers and flowers are used for flavoring soups or other dishes.


Clusters of pure-white, butterfly-like, fragrant blooms are born in summer atop the tropical foliage and sturdy lush stems. Cut the flowers and put them in a vase and they can perfume an entire room with their sweet fragrance. This is an old garden favorite, easy and reliable. The White Butterfly Ginger multiplies slowly and reliably but generally not invasively.

Most Gingers need 2-4 hours of cool direct sunlight (i.e. early morning sunlight or filtered shade throughout the day). They are fairly drought resistant once well-established but often have the best foliage and flower best under average moist to moist conditions. A proper mulch helps when growing gingers in dryer locations.


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