Champaca 12pc Seedlings Pack (12 to 20 inches)


Common Name: Champak
Scientific Name: Magnolia Champaca

The flowers from this tree are used to make the world’s most expensive perfume ‘Joy’. The extremely aromatic orange blooms appear nearly all year round. Grows to the size of a large shrub or small tree, 15-20′ in height.

Planting Instructions:

  • Place the seedlings in a warm, sheltered location in the garden or sun porch that receives morning sun. Champaca begins life as a second-story tree, receiving only dappled light in their native habitat. While under ideal conditions in the tropics a champaca tree may grow to 150 feet tall.
  • Water the tree when the soil is dry to the touch. Fertilize biweekly with a liquid 10-10-10 fertilizer according to the manufacturer’s directions.
  • Plant the champaca in the garden in the spring, after all chance of frost is past. A south-facing wall that receives morning sun and some afternoon dappled shade provides a warm microclimate suitable for this tropical tree. Select a well-draining location that is sheltered from the wind and hot afternoon sun.
  • Give the seedling plenty of water during its first couple of years of growth. After that water regularly in the summer when the tree is actively growing. Fertilize in the early spring with a balanced fertilizer according to the manufacturer’s directions.
  • Prune only to shape the tree and remove dead branches.
  • Monitor the tree for aphids. Knock the aphids off with a strong stream of water. If there is a severe infestation, use an insecticidal soap to kill the aphids.


People did not invent JOY perfume, Nature made this creation leading to the development of JOY, the most expensive perfume fragrance in the world. Champaca flowers produce in great quantities. On a warm humid night, the scents can easily be enjoyed several hundred feet away. If you drive near by, you will notice the scent immediately.
People and every insect you can imagine are attracted to the blooms. These are flowers you don’t have to “stick your nose in” as the scent exudes from the tree. However, you really can’t STOP sticking your nose into a flower over and over again. Nectar insects appear frantic, driven like drug addicts, bashing into each other to get to the heart of every flower on the tree.
Planting a Champaca tree either indoors as bonsai or in your backyard really makes your home a sweet home. Also you could take the flower, home made natural perfume, into car, office, rest room, and anywhere you want fragrant atmosphere. One oriental custom is to use the white flowers as sweet scented decoration, such as hair-pin-flower for girls, and chest-pin-flower for ladies.
The tree has flowers and green leaves all year round, beautifying its surroundings. Besides, the clearly veined leaf can be made into a special bookmark. M. Champaka are much more hardier plants than M. Alba and the flower has a sweet fragnance. The M. Alba has root stock of champaka. If you will but forth the effort in taken care of the plant, you will be rewarded many times over via the fragrance. The smell is heavenly.