Magnolia Champaca

Champaca (Magnolia Champaca) is a large evergreen tree with a close tapering conical to cylindrical crown composed of ascending branches. It can grow 33 metres or more tall, with some specimens attaining 50 metres. It has a long straight bole that can be 18 – 21 metres long more and, under ordinary forest conditions, 80 – 120cm in diameter.
The tree has a wide range of uses, being harvested locally as a source of food, medicines and a range of commodities. It is particularly valued for its essential oil and timber, and is sometimes cultivated for these. The tree is also used in reforestation projects. Champaca is commonly cultivated as an ornamental and wayside tree throughout the tropics, being valued especially for its fragrant flowers, which are often used in religious ceremonies.

The flowers yield an essential oil known as champa or champaca oil. It is used in perfumery. Another essential oil, known as Michelia leaf oil, is extracted from the leaves. The sweetly scented flowers are used in India for hair adornment.