Liberica Coffee

Liberica Coffee (Coffea liberica) is a rare and heirloom variety of coffee in the Philippines more commonly known as the “Barako.” Bold in taste, strong in character, the Liberica Coffee boasts of fruitiness, hints of dark chocolate, mellow woody and nuttiness mix of flavors. The beans of Liberica are larger compared to other coffee varieties and offers a completely different coffee drinking experience. Pure and true Liberica coffee beans are rare and hard to find, because only a small number of growers remain and the demand is low.

Every cup brewed is a toast to the heritage of the Philippine Coffee drinking culture. For an authentic, “Barako” cup of brew, use muscovado sugar.

We seal our Liberica Coffee in vacuum sealed packaging to ensure the freshest taste. Roasting date is indicated in the packaging so you know its fresh. Store in airtight containers, protect from moisture and air. Buy only what you can consume in 1-2 months to ensure the best flavor every time you brew.

Packaging: 250 grams and 500 grams Vacuum Sealed

*We will not be selling ground coffee because we believe that it helps the flavors degrade faster. We suggest getting whole beans and grind what’s good for a week for the best tasting cup every time.