The ‘Domum Hortis’

By placing livestock in more natural grazing environments, regenerative agriculture practices allow cows to help restore the soil. As they graze, cows trample over vegetation and push nutrients into the soil. Cow manure also acts as a natural fertilizer. Thus, cows can actually reduce the need for unsustainable tilling practices and dangerous synthetic fertilizers.

The ‘Domum Hortis’ is the home gardens where you can find the;

  • Residence of the farm managers called ‘Oval Peak Plateau’ surrounded by Vetiver at the edge, White Butterfly Ginger as fence, Ylang-ylang, Champaca, Strelitzia Reginae, Narra, Siar, Golden Shower, Palawan Cherry Blossom and Dita trees and the Amaryllidaceae flowering bulbs.
  • Solar Power rechargeable energy supplying the power requirement of the residences.
  • Big pond garden for the Red Tilapia, Eel, Fresh Water Prawn; Water fountain feature, Azolla, Water plants like lotus plant
  • Cow Shed but Cattle grazing in the middle of the woods, with other animal forage and fodder.
  • Biogas fuel facility close to the cow shed.
  • Traditional Vegetable Garden
  • Community Area is the place where people can dine, park and buy farm products in the store. This area will be surrounded by native flowering trees with endemic endangered hoyas.