Food Forest

This ‘Silva Cibum’ is our food forest with conservation of endangered species located in the north mid sloped of the farm.

Tree on farms produce a wide range of edible products including fruits (Avocado-Persia America, Theobroma Cacao, Philippine Chestnut (Castanopsis Philippinensis), Nutmeg (Myristica Philippinensis), Cinnamon (Cinnamum Mercadoi) Macadamia Tetraphylla, Canarium Luzonicum, Vanilla Planifolia). Many indigenous fruit and nut trees provide edible products rich in vitamins and other micronutrients and their cultivation should also be considered. By growing a range of species that fruit in different seasons, it is possible to provide important sources of nutrients over a large part of the year, combating malnutrition.

In comparison to timber production, the management and harvest of these products may be more environmentally friendly and provide for more sustainable incomes because harvest does not involve cutting the tree. At the same time, the cultivation of fruit and nut trees may be more complementary with growing annual crops and other trees than timber oriented agroforestry.

Of course, These are all predominantly Essential oil producing crops.

  • Endemic Endangered species with flowering vines
  • Fruit Trees and vine fruits like passion fruit.
  • Wild Bee Hives.
  • The Bird Sanctuary (white pigeons and other birds habitants).
  • The Paintball field (Airsoft)
  • The Camp Site